Want Skinny? Apply These Habits Every Day

Not only by a very extreme diet program, a diet program can also be obtained only by applying small habits you know. Ranging from drink menu to breakfast every morning.

In addition, there are also some other habits that seem trivial but very influential on weight control. Well, Here are some of these habits

#1 Plan Your Food Menu

Plan Your Food Menu

Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon say that people will generally tend to order more foods that have excess calories, If this is done near the time of eating.

Experts advise you to choose or order food at least an hour before it is time to eat. At this time, the appetite is still not high and you are still not too hungry, so the process for the selection of food is still in reasonable stages.

#2 Walking 30 Minutes Every Day

Walking 30 Minutes Every Day

If you do not have time to gym every day, at least a time to routinely walk for 30min. This activity can also be done in the park during the work break time. In addition to burning calories, the streets of the park can also refresh our mind.

In addition, try to use ladder more often than elevator or escalator. So you can burn more calories without having to gym.

#3 Weight Lifting Training

Weight Lifting Training

If you've signed up for fitness in the gym, then make sure you do not miss weight training. Because by training muscle mass, you will automatically burn more fat as well.

4# Self cooking

Self cooking

Researchers from the University of Washington say that people who are used to cooking, including those who bring their own food to eat while in office, tend to be healthier and have and have a controlled weight.

It has been believed that cooking yourself at home allows people to eat more vegetables and fruits, and also avoid the choice of salt, sugar and excessive flavor enhancers in general restaurant. In addition, the choice of cooking ingredients at home also certainly more limited so you will not eat excessive

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