Treatment Of Ringworm In The Groin

Tinea Cruris or commonly called ringworm in the groin area with caused by fungal infections that can trigger it itches. No doubt such a condition makes us uncomfortable. To treat it, what to do?

Dr. Eddy SpKK Karta, said affected patients tinea cruris antifungal medications will be given. For example which is being circulated in the market such as drug-free sulfur, ketokonazol, myconaole, acid and benzoate.

"Crotch area for selected regular medication in the form of creams and which does not irritate. If the affected area is extensive fungal infection or difficult to reach, then we need oral antifungal tablets consumed, "said Dr. Karta.

If the location of a skin disorder, patients generally do not need to control. However, if there is a location in some places patients should control the doctor after a few weeks to see whether the infected area had healed. What if there is a bacterial infection or itching, controls can be carried out more frequently to treat it.

When patients were asked to control but he does not control, how are the risks? Dr. Karta say if not overcome it completely then recurrence can happen again or later. Then, color or skin tekstir is still not back to normal.

"But actually is not the most important controls. However, the handling should be completely. As long as the patient understand and do well then there must be controls. Handling usually takes about 3-4 of the week in order to be prepared, "said Dr. karta

When undergoing treatment ever no abstinence in consuming food. Because, says Dr. Karta abstinence of eating food is not proven to have to do with healing, with the exception of certain disease based in indeed such as diabetes or allergies. Meanwhile, for clothing are recommended to wear clothing that absorbs water or sweat and the length of air circulation should be a cool reply. So can reduce moisture and helps the fungus quickly lost.

When itchy, sometimes the patient scratching the infected area on the mushrooms to black spots emerged. In relation to this, Dr. Karta explains if there is not already a mushroom and fungus-infected area not carded anymore, blackened skin and thickened may be restored to its original state with the anti-inflammatory drug gives (bitter taste) and yg lifting dead skin (keratolitik or exfoliant).

But according to Dr. Karta is indeed often a disease like this while could leave the former first black on dark skin part. Well, if left untreated what does ringworm on the crotch can be hazardous to result in death...?

'Fungal infections such as these will not be able to penetrate into the skin so it does not result in death. But it could lead to disturbance of rest and be active, ' said Dr. Karta.

He said that tinea cruris could just spread caused by fungal organisms reproduce. For example, when the affected area infection carded and the patient accidentally scratching the skin healthy, and was accidentally hands act as media yg facilitates the process of spreading the infection.

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