Tips Younger Forever

Tips Younger Forever - Certainly many people who want to look beautiful, healthy, fresh and youthful. In the meantime, we will not be able to do anything to reduce our age.

But scientists and scientists are constantly finding ways and ways that we can do to keep us young. Here are some tips you can do to make the face look younger.


Tips Younger Forever

Water is no doubt to be able to nourish us. By drinking water at least as much as 8 glasses per day can prevent premature aging and wrinkles on the face. Not only that, water can also neutralize and remove toxins in the body so it can make the skin become moist and can prevent acne on the face.

Damp Skin

Tips Younger Forever

Moist skin is the key to looking young and beautiful. Many ways you can do to make your skin become moist. One of them by washing the face regularly.

Eliminate Myths "Being Old, Becoming Useless"

Tips Younger Forever

Scientists argue that the more we trust these perceptions the less sharp we are, and this will really happen to us. A psychologist named Becca Levy, Ph. D. Of Yale University examines the psychological effects of age, especially on how one's perception can affect physical and mental health.

In his research he found that people who are elderly and have negative opinions about aging have poorer health test results than those who have positive opinions. His research also shows that the elderly with a positive perception of aging 7.5 years longer than the negative ones.

Tooth Cleaning

Tips Younger Forever

A study has shown that a person under the age of 50 who has dental disease has a 2.6 times greater chance of dying at a young age and three times more heart disease than a person with healthy teeth.

Research shows that the bacteria present in dental plaque are the same bacteria in fat deposits that affect blood vessels. Therefore, clean your teeth regularly by rubbing and also using dental floss and meemriksakan to the doctor.

Eating Fruit And Vegetables or Containing Antioxidants

Tips Younger Forever

Not only beauty doctors, all doctors in the world strongly recommend to eat fruits and vegetables because the benefits are proven to make us healthier and can also brighten, tighten and make skin look younger.

Researchers have also proven that foods that contain lots of antioxidants are foods for anti-aging. Such as blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli and pickles. Eat these foods at least five times a day.

Enough and Regular Break

Tips Awet Muda Selamanya

Adequate sleep can make our mind and body more refreshed. Research shows that if we reduce the duration of sleep from 8 hours to 4 hours for example, this will affect our glucose and endorin function less than a week.

Lack of sleep not only cause us to be less prime to start the move, but we will also be prone to diabetes, hypertension, and even memory loss.


Tips Younger Forever

Of course sports are good for health and certainly a lot of benefits. Begin for healthy skin, heart, and more. A Cardiologist James M. Rippe says that an elderly person who has good heart health is much healthier than a young but physically inactive person. Therefore be diligent in mind.

Maintain Thoughts and Positive Attributes

Tips Younger Forever

David Snowdon of the University of Kentucky has been researching 678 nuns to gain brain secrets, especially what happens in the brain as we age. His research found that positive emotional state at an early age will help to relieve anxiety and can prolong life.

In fact, a study found that shows the relationship between attitudes and pikran someone with physical and mental health. So thinking and being positive can help our brains and our physique are not stressed out so it will look more calm.

Meditation and Yoga

Tips Younger Forever

An expert to find the relationship between mind and body, Deepak Chopra says in his book that a person who does meditation can have a biological age of 5 to 12 years younger than their chronological age. So that meditation can be done so we stay young.

Respiratory techniques in yoga have also been shown to oxidize cells, prevent disease, make skin bright, and get rid of toxins. Pose or movement on yoga is deliberately designed to work on the body outside and inside that can rejuvenate the digestive system, immune system, even to the reproductive system. Do Meditation or yoga at least 2 times a week to give us energy, reduce stress and keep young.

Use Mask

Tips Younger Forever

Every day thousands of dead skin cells on our face. If not removed or cleaned, dead skin cells will accumulate and make skin dry and grow old and look dull. Use a mask to overcome it. At least do it once a week to remove dead skin cells to the face becomes moist and more visible toned.

Eat Lots of Fibers

Tips Younger Forever

One of the keys to keeping young is to maintain our digestive health, to keep it we need to consume at least 25 grams per day. Fiber is great for keeping the nutrients present in the food in the body and releasing the nutrients if necessary. Examples of wheat or brown rice.

Don't Smoke and Reduce Coffee

Tips Younger Forever

There are hundreds of different types of toxins that exist in cigarettes that must be very dangerous for our health. Dr. The rippe you mentioned earlier in the sports section also says that if you are 50 years old and smoke, then you have cut 7 years of your age. Meroko can make your skin become wrinkles

The content of caffeine in coffee is also very dangerous if consumed too much and can make us look older because it can make teeth or lips to black. Do not consume caffeine more than 400 milligrams per day.

Massage and Face Gymnastics

Tips Younger Forever

Facial massage and facial exercises have been shown to make facial skin more radiant and also can delay the aging process. Massaging and doing gymnastics on the face will make the tense muscles become more relaxed.

As the muscles move, the circulation of blood circulates smoothly, so the face becomes more fresh, bright and cheerful. If we do this activity on a regular basis, it can make the face becomes firmer and chewy.

Love and affection

Tips Younger Forever

One of the world's leading neuroscientific anatomists, Dr. Marian has conducted a study using young rats to determine whether environmental conditions can affect growth. 2 pieces of cages containing 12 rats each and one of the cages filled with a variety of tools that can be used to play while one other cage is not filled with toys at all.

Mice residing with toys can complete tests faster than those without toys. The mice also show the ability to break better. Then, Dr. Marian wants to pass the experiment to old rats that have been aged 600 days, which is more or less the same as humans aged approximately 60 years. However, some rats have died by 600 days.

Dr. Marian decided to try or improve the age of mice by adding additional ingredients in the experiment: Compassion. Instead of putting the mouse inside the enclosure after being cleaned up, the scientists involved in the research, keep the rats, even bring them into their suits. The mice came to live longer than those not maintained.

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