The Most Powerful Way to Overcome Oily Face

The Most Powerful Way to Overcome Oily Face - Is your face oily? If it is, then this is the right solution for you so the face is no longer oily. But before that there are some things you should know first is as follows

Benefits of Oily Skin

Did you know, the oil on the face turned out to have benefits that little known. Although there is a negative impact when the oil on the face is too excessive will lead to the growth of acne and will also feel sticky.

A Dermatologist Dr. David Colbert, CEO Colbert MD Skincare describes that someone who uses oil on the face is able to cope with premature aging. And here are some other benefits of oil on the face

  1. Brightening Skin
    If you belong to or have an oily face, you can have a little taste for pride yourself because your skin tends to look brighter. The oil produced by the skin makes your face will look more radiant with the natural. The good news is you do not need to bother using various types of masks for face to look glowy like a korean.
  2. Protector Of UV Light
    Actually, the use of sunblock or sunscreen before we work outside the home is highly recommended in order to prevent skin disorders caused by UV rays. Well, you would be very lucky to have an oily face. Sebum made by the skin, can help protect the body that serves as SPF. But, that does not mean you do not need sunblock. You should also apply it about 15-30 minutes before activating outside the house. At least that has a SPF 15 level
  3. Natural Antioxidants
    Very rarely known to many people, Sebum it contains vitamin E and also antioxidants that work to protect your skin from free radicals due to air pollution. This is actually the effect of the food you consume and also the effect of a healthy lifestyle. Your body can produce vitamin E and antioxidants if you eat foods rich in antioxidants such as avocados, grapes, blueberries, spinach, broccoli or nuts.
  4. Natural Moisturizer
    Alan M. W. Porter, M.D., PhD. Describes that the production of oil on the face was able to moisturize the skin naturally through the evaporation of sweat and also can make the skin is not dry. So, you should not just focus on how to remove the oil on the face only. You should also know that the oil on the face also has its own function. Therefore do not be too hated oil on your face.
  5. Slow Down Premature Aging
    You may not believe it, but it turns out that it has been proved that an oily face can prevent the process of getting older. This is caused by sebum that can prevent skin inflammation that makes wrinkles, acne, and fine lines so that our skin will look firmer and younger.

So, you should not prejudice that oil on the face is of no use. It turns out that the oil on your face has many functions that you did not know before. However, before the misconceptions about oil on the face, actually the dangerous or the perceived it is the production of excess oil. Therefore you should be able to control it.

Causes Oily Face

The Most Powerful Way to Overcome Oily Face

Before discussing about how to overcome the oily face is a good idea you know the causes of what makes oily skin

  1. Stress
    When you are stressed, the production of hormone cortisol in the body will increase. Therefore, oil production will increase drastically so it will result in excess oil on the face. So as much as possible you should avoid stress.
  2. Hormone
    Unstable state or hormone condition is one of the triggers that make your face have excess oil. Hormonal conditions like this will usually occur during puberty, menstruation, and also during pregnancy
  3. Fatty Food
    Eating foods high in fat is not good for health. In addition to the causes of obesity, excess fat can also cause many diseases due to fat accumulation. This will also affect the condition of oil on the face.
  4. Cosmetics
    Cosmetics can indeed make you appear more confident and will certainly support your appearance. However, do not be wrong in choosing the right cosmetics. Wear cosmetics that match your skin. Mistakes in choosing cosmetics can make your face become oily and irritating
  5. Heredity
    Heredity factor is one of the triggers why your facial skin is oily. Your parents are not only inherit the wealth and the throne alone. If you see one of your parents' faces greasy, then your face will also follow oily too.
  6. Weather
    When the weather is hot, your body will automatically respond to protect the skin and cool the body temperature by removing sweat and oil. Therefore during hot weather we will be easier to sweat and oily.

Resolve Oily face

The Most Powerful Way to Resolve Oily Face
  1. Wash the face
    Wash your face by washing it regularly. This is the easiest thing to use ribet-ribet. You only need to wash face with warm water first then massagelah face with soap. Do this regularly and regularly at least 2 times a day. That is at the time after and before bed.
  2. Water
    Lack of fluid in the body will make you dehydrated and lack of body moisture. This will make your body dry so that the body will automatically remove oil to balance the dry skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.
  3. Banana
    Use bananas as a mask for your face. The content of vitamins A, B, and E in bananas is very useful to prevent premature aging and can relieve pain at the time of diminore or commonly called menstruation. How to make a banana mask is very easy. Take a ripe banana and then peel. Destroy or puree the banana, then apply on face and wait for 25 minutes. When finished rinse with water.
  4. Jicama
    As you already know jicama has been trusted as a skin lightening. In fact very much cosmetic equipment for facial treatments that contain vitamins from jicama. Apparently jicama can also reduce excess oil on the face. How to take jicama sufficiently. Peel and clean jicama. Then puree or mash with a blender. Use the jicama as a mask before going to bed.
  5. Watermelon
    There is a high potassium content in watermelon that can lower high blood pressure, prevent stroke, diabetes, until a heart attack. Watermelon also contains vitamin C and E which can help remove excess oil on the face. The way to grab the watermelon meat then puree, add a little yoghurt or milk. Wear this watermelon mask after you have finished bathing. Let stand for 25 minutes, then rinse with cold water until clean.
  6. Cucumbers
    Most people think cucumbers belong to vegetables. Though cucumber is a fruit that many mengadung many natural minerals, anti-bacterial, and antiflamasi good for skin health. Use cucumber as a mask on the face by peeling and smoothing cucumber and then apply on face.
  7. Tomato
    The researchers said that the tomato contains a very useful astringent compound to improve the body's immune system and good excess oil control so it is good for use as a scrub. The trick is very easy, just puree 1 tomato with 3 tablespoons of sugar and then rub on the face and let stand for 30 minutes then rinse.
  8. Celery
    Celery is also great for overcoming the excess oil on the face. The way to take a celery leaf and wash it clean in a flowing water. Then cut the celery leaves into small pieces and put them into boiling water. Boil the celery leaves for 15 minutes. Then take the water from the stew of celery leaves and wait for it to cool. After the cold wash the water on your face.
  9. Lemon or Orange
    Lemon and orange have vitamin C and also citric acid which can serve to control and neutralize oil secretion. Use lemon or orange as a mask in the following way. Take lemon or orange, then squeeze and put the juice in the bowl. Enter 2-3 tablespoons of honey into the bowl, stirring until blended. Use cotton to apply face mask. Wait for up to 25 minutes and rinse with water.
  10. Doctor
    If none of the above methods succeed in removing excess oil on your face, you should consult a skin doctor. Chances are there are abnormalities or diseases on your skin, immediately consult the doctor.
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