Sensitive skin Easily cuts and Trace When Carded

You must have been bitten by a mosquito right? Most likely itchy and left scars. But when the mosquito bites are not for several days it's a sign you have sensitive skin.

Dr. Mc Zarco, SpKK of Skin Center explains that sensitive skins are included in allergic or atopic skin. That is, the skin is more likely to itch, wound, dry and leave marks.

"Dry skin or atopy is more likely to dry due to the lack of oil layers present in the skin thus making the evaporation rate increase. Dry skin will cause itching so that when scratched will become a wound and leave marks, "said Dr. Zarco

In children, dry skin can indeed cause scars that are hard to lose when carded. But, Dr. Zarco says as we get older, the condition and skin condition will improve.

In addition to that, use a moisturizer so the skin does not dry out. Moisturizers are important for use in order to promote healthy skin and prevent itchy skin easily.

"You can use moisturize regularly or with baby oil after showering", he continued.

Indeed there are some people who easily get a black scar after being bitten by mosquitoes or insects. The mosquito bites are hard to lose and sometimes interfere with the sifting.

If you experience it, then one thing you should do to avoid becoming severe is to avoid scratching. Scratching can make an inflammatory reaction and make more intense itching, which can make black marks become hard to lose.

Even when the bump is already in the healing process, scratching can make it become hardened and enlarged again.

When itchy arise you can apply a cooling powder for example a powder containing calamin or shake powder, powder like this can be purchased freely.

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