Not Fat Though Many Ate, What Is?

In General consume a lot of food will surely make our body "large" easily. But there are also people who are even harder for obese even though it has a lot.

In relation to this, Dr. Marudut MPS from the fields of research and development of nutrition Dietitians Union says there are several factors that make it difficult for a person fat. For example malabsorsi, or disorders of the digestive problems caused dipencernaan.

"Can also be caused by mikroflora in digestion. So the number of microorganisms in the gut more evil," says Marudut.

Marudut says, to overcome the evil of excessive microorganisms in the gastrointestinal someone, we should take some probiotics. So as to make our digestive functioning properly again.

Meanwhile, according to Prof. Dr. IR. Hardiansyah, MS, fat can be difficult due to hereditary factors. This contributed about 15%-30%.

"But the more dominant factors are diet and lifestyle factors, such as pollution or stress exposure kondisis. In order to weight gain if bkan due to hereditary factors or disease, we could try with pengatuan life style and diet, "said Prof. Hardiansyah

Dr. med. Maya Surjadjaja, DCS, MS, SpGK from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia said that the condition of the hard fat is not just because factor of food only. There are several other possible causes such as genetic, the sleep patterns, body metabolism, sexual activities, physical exercise, lifestyle to the hormonal system at someone is concerned.

If until the person in question is also not too skinny either. To address it, Dr. Surdjaja says to look for know first cause. Penanganannyapun can not be done by a doctor, but the doctor should be partners with several other experts.

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