There are many good substances in honey such as antimicrobials, antioxidants, which can provide a calming effect for your skin, against free radicals, dull skin, and premature aging marked by wrinkles and even for the treatment of skin cancer.

If you have a dry face and breakouts, do not worry about it now. Because honey proven to be a solution to overcome your skin problems.

Honey Mask

Benefits of Honey Mask

Overcoming Acne

Not only contains antioxidants, honey also contains antibacterial and antiseptic. The content contained in this honey that can make it included in the list of herbs that can help you to overcome the problem of acne skin.

The trick is very easy, rinse face with warm water so that the pores of skin pores open. Apply honey on the face evenly, then let stand for 30 minutes, and rinse back with warm water. After do not forget to rinse again with cold water so that your skin pore pores closed again.

Overcoming The Dry Face

Not only for acne prone skin, you can also use a honey mask to deal with dry skin. Way, just by putting honey on your face evenly. Do not forget beforehand you have to wash your face with warm water so that the pores of the face open and rinse again with cold water.

Skin care

Although your acne is gone or your face is not dry anymore, honey mask you can still use to treat facial skin to look more youthful. This happens because honey contains many antioxidants that can lift dead skin cells by digging them with new skin cells.

Hair Smoothing

Honey not only can be used as a mask for facial skin, you can also use it for beauty treatments such as hair, lips and others by mixing it with other natural ingredients. The trick is also easy, just apply honey on hair that has been washed first. Then wrap your hair using plastic and coated with a towel. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Lip Balm

If your lips feel dark or dry. You can use honey to solve it in the following way. First, prepare a clear plastic wrap and also thin, teaspoon, and definitely honey. Then clean your mouth, teeth and lips first.

After that apply honey to all parts of the lips and coated with a plastic wrapping the size of the lips that had been prepared earlier. Press gently press the plastic until the plastic is firmly attached. Leave on for 15 minutes. Then lift the plastic and rinse with warm water. Then gently pat your lips with a soft towel to dry out.

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