High Fat or Low Fat Milk. Which one is good ?

Which milk is better, high-fat or low-fat milk? Maybe you think that high-fat milk is healthier because a low-fat diet will actually contain more sugar.

Original or pure unflavored milk (no fat, low fat, or full fat) has 12 grams of natural sugar in the bowl. Nothing less or more. The pure sugar in the milk is lactose and not the added sugar.

Only the fat content in milk changes the overall amount of calories. 1 cup of nonfat milk contains 90 calories and 0 grams of fat.

1 Milk bowl full of fat has a content of 145 calories and 8gr fat. Other essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, vitamin D or other nutrients are essentially the same.

It turns out that nutritionists can not be as simple as that to suggest people who drink milk should immediately move full fat full. Because doing so means raising calories.

One patient who has been overweight and consuming milk may be advised to drink low-fat milk. Lowering caloric intake is better for them.

However, if one does not want to lower the fat content of his body and instead is more interested in improving the performance during exercise or raising the levels of nutrients in the body, he may consume lots of full fat milk.

That means, there is no black and white in the science of nutrition. None of the guidelines apply to everyone. The goals and needs of the patients are of course different.

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