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Did you know that not all healthy foods contain good substances for the body. Apparently there are some healthy foods that after being investigated can actually be a silent killer for us. Either because of the origin of these foods or because of the way we process food that actually healthy to be unhealthy.

Below are healthy foods that can actually be deadly to the body.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the healthiest foods. However, when you use olive oil as a frying oil, to fry a steak, egg, or whatever food you eat. It turns out that the olive juice can make a delicious meal into a poisonous food. When olive oil is heated, the substances contained therein will turn into carcinogenic that is not good for the body.

2. Celery

Celery also includes healthy foods. But you never once to put celery into soup or any gravy that is still in the process of cooking. Because this will make celery release harmful and toxic nitrite for our bodies.

3. Mushrooms

Almost the same as celery, If you heat the mushrooms with a very long period of time will make the fungus will be toxic. So you can only cook mushrooms one time only.

4. Potato

Potatoes are foods that can be used to substitute rice. Because the potatoes also contain the same carbohydrate as rice. But, be careful in choosing potatoes. Do not occasionally use green potatoes because there are poisonous contents known as solanin inside. Which if consumed will make you end up with vomiting and heart attack.

5. Almond

Not all almonds are healthy. Apparently after ditelti there is a cyanide content in the almond which is of course very dangerous for the body. Therefore, be careful in choosing almonds. No hold, it could be that the almond you choose is a wild almond containing cyanide.

6. Apple

Who does not like apples. This one is good with red and sweet. But do not just take an apple. In the apple seeds contained amygdalin in small amounts, which when combined with the enzymes in our digestion will produce hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide can kill an adult in just a few minutes. Therefore, be careful in eating apples. Do not let you swallow the seeds.

7. Margarine

After investigation it turns out there are many substances or unhealthy compounds on margarine. According to some studies, in margarain tekandung heksana and also industrial chemicals that have a toxic effect that is of course very harmful to the body.

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