8 Powerful Foods To Treat Insomnia

Insomnia or difficult to sleep can certainly affect the level of quality of health and also your life. If you do not sleep through the night, this will keep you in an unfavorable condition the next day and will be vulnerable to various diseases. You will be easy fatigue, stress, or depression

Therefore do not take lightly this insomnia problem, you should immediately treat it. But do not worry, here are some foods that can overcome your difficulty sleeping.

1. Milk


A glass of warm or cold milk can be used for those who suffer from insomnia. This is because milk contains calcium, tryptophan, neutotransmitter, which can provide a calming effect, relax muscles that will help you to sleep.

2. Cherry


Cherry fruit can also help you to sleep more soundly. This results in a very important melatonin content as a role to regulate the body's internal clock and sleep cycle. Some studies have shown that cherry juice does have high melatonin. You can drink juice or eat cherry as a snack before bed.

3. Banana


Although bananas are often regarded as food for energy enhancement, in bananas many contain potassium, magnesium, and high tripofan which is a natural precursor for serotonin. This content is able to prevent your insomnia.

4. Celery


Eat some celery sticks to make you sleepy. There is a content of substance that menenagkan in celery, so it can press the nerve to signal to sleep immediately.

5. Almond


Almond is one of the excellent foods to overcome insomnia. This is because almonds contain magnesium, which plays an important role as antistress. Several studies have shown that magnesium supplements can improve a person's sleep time.

6. Pecan


Some nuts can actually cure insomnia. The content of Vitamin B6 found in nuts is the key to calming an overactive nerve.

7. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is a healthy, soft, warm, and nutritious food. Otmeal is also one of the foods that contain high levels of potassium and magnesium. These two ingredients can help you to sleep fast.

8. Wine

Wine is also known for its high melatonin content, a hormone that can help regulate the biological clock of a person's body. This way you insomnia sufferers can use wine to solve your insomnia problem.

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