4 foods that should be Avoid during breakfast

Breakfast has become a greeting in the morning so that we are more energized in starting activities. For some people, the breakfast could have been in the form of milk and bread. You might prefer a light menu or not so rich.

But, you should also know, the food is what is appropriate and should be avoided at the time of breakfast. Offered from the New Zealand Herald, Lyndi Cohen, exposes food menu what should and should not to be eaten at breakfast.



According to Cohen, the yogurt is not suitable to be the breakfast menu at the moment we are on a diet. "There is indeed a high Calcium in yogurt, required a lot of women. But generally the yogurt is a sweet food that is ubiquitous in stores so it's not good for the health of you " she said.

Instead, look for other menu full of fat without any sweeteners and taste like nuts or fruit

Cohen recommends to always read the ingredient list of any food making you not sure of how much sugar content at the same time to be aware of the large number of food companies using multiple terms for sugar such as glucose, syrup, molasses and other.



In the past few decades, cereals such as rice puffs, cornflakes, muesli and has become a staple breakfast menu for most people.

However, while the perceived effect of beginning to look at the size of the waist. You might think a few times for breakfast cereal.

"If you want to eat cereal, wholegrain versions of advice I (products processed from wheat). Example, AllBran, dry roeasted Mueslis and Sultana Bran, " said Cohan.

You can do the test, whether or not you healthy cereals by way of looking at how fast the cereal you dissolved in the milk.

"The most secure Breakfast Menu is pureed, and could be given a sweet flavor with nuts or fruit containing natural sugars that are healthy"



"Very influential little cakes to health other than it feels-yum. You can have breakfast with whole wheat bread and poached egg, spinach and avocado time morning much better than porridge. You will remain full until lunch time arrived, " she said

Cereal Bar


According to nutrition experts, cereal bar imaginable in shops should be avoided. This is because, the cereal bar packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners and ingredients that are not good for health.

"I avoid breakfast snack-bars and cereal bar more because the food may not be suitable. I'm including a fan of banana and nuts, very convenient for eating and better its nutrition value," says Cohen.

You should also avoid drinks a fruit smoothie and juice at breakfast if it doesn't make you full. You may eat him later.

"I believe if you can find breakfast in the form of vegetables, then you are successful with a good breakfast," the lid.

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