3 Mistakes That Can Make a Quick Body Fat at Lunch

Lunch is one mouthful and may affect the activity of you next. Incorrect habits at lunch was believed to be able to influence the risk of obesity and decreased concentration on the afternoon.

What are the mistakes to avoid so that you avoid the risks?

Skip Lunch Time

3 Mistakes That Can Make a Quick Body Fat at Lunch

Because it is too busy with work, maybe you'll skip lunch time? Be careful, as these Habits can make even gradually the appetite has increased. In addition, skipping lunch can interfere with concentration and memory also.

A study from Columbia University ensures, that lunch like this is not healthy, especially if you are doing the diet program. Things like this can make you eat more at the time of the afternoon, and you also do not have enough intake for work or activiy.

Less Intake Of Carbohydrates

3 Mistakes That Can Make a Quick Body Fat at Lunch

Multiply vegetable soup for lunch is indeed healthy and good, but when you reduce your intake of carbohydrates in the extreme, this can also affect the energy you.

This can also have an impact on the desire to eat more foods that are sweet after meals. No wonder if in the long run you unconsciously have undergone obesity.

Basically our brains rely heavily against carbohydrates as an energy source. Therefore, you need to eat carbohydrates. In addition, fat and protein also has the function of an important antecedent for our energy needs.

Dining at the work desk

3 Mistakes That Can Make a Quick Body Fat at Lunch

Workers are accustomed to eating in the lucrative work desk for lunch tend to prefer fast food menu that seems high and complete with a sweet drink.

Compared to other workers who habitually ate lunch outside, they tend to be more easily hungry again after a couple of hours finished lunch, so make them come back again unhealthy snack snacking. Within the long run, of course this can trigger weight gain which is not completely out.

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