Hundreds of years old, it Tips the elderly in Spain.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest rates of life expectancy after Japan. The country of Spain has its more than 100,000 Sha elderly centenarian or a healthy life to hundreds of years old or more, based on the latest census data.

A Reuters photographer Andrea takes over a year to interview hundreds of thousands of the elderly in all Asturias to the Balearic Islands, Menorca.

The data shows that the median life expectancy of Spaniards 83.2 years. Just a little difference with Japan people i.e. 83.4 years.

According to Comas, most men and women in Spain does have a passion for life. They are very fond of the arts, from painting to music, playing a drama. In addition they also love to enjoy farming or caring for a disabled child.

"The majority of the elderly there are surrounded by people who love their daily or their families. For the Spanish family ties are the most important, " Oata Comas. Comas gives short reviews tips for longevity of the elderly in Spain

1. One Spoon of honey every day.

Rafaela Pons now 102 years old already comes from Ferreries, Balearic island of Menorca. He lived alone though sometimes in jenguk by children and grandchildren. According to Rafaela Pons habit that never he lives right is drinking a spoonful of honey every day. This he believed could make him always healthy.

2. Playing the Piano

Pedro Rodriguez (106), thinks the piano is not just a musical instrument. She plays the piano every day with his wife 20 years younger. This is a hobby that she felt very useful because it could make it youthful.

3. The Gazpacho

Gazpacho soup is made of bread, garlic, olive oil, salt, and vinegar-soup bread cold. Maria Josefa Guillen 103 (year) really like eating gazpacho.

4. Believe in the digestive tract

According to Lucia Manzano (101) that a healthy digestive tract is the key to longevity.

5. Do not have a lot of Children and gardening

Pilar Fernandez (101) who lives with her daughter the most cherished grandchildren Pili, his nephew and also Flori Ana. One thing he did in order to live long with family and people who cared about him is in by planting vegetable and eat it every day.

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