Coffee is one of the types of drinks that are still causing a lot of controversy in the field of health. One reason is the caffeine content in it. Caffeine in coffee is known to provide instant energy boost and makes it easier to focus. However, this caffeine should not be consumed in excess.

Drinking Coffee Can Prevent diabetes and obesity
Meanwhile, recently researchers uncover other benefits behind coffee. Research shows that drinking three cups of tea or Coffee day may reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, those who diligently drinking coffee also has a BMI and waist circumference smaller.

Not only that, those who diligently drinking coffee also known to have a lower blood pressure. However, researchers do not know the causes and reasons behind the link between coffee and blood pressure as well as obesity and diabetes, as reported by the Daily Mail (12/08).

The results obtained after observing 9,000 researchers. Researchers from University College London found that coffee and tea drinkers have a risk of developing metabolic syndrome, 25 percent lower. The ability of coffee to keep the weight is also associated with a lower risk of diabetes research, heart disease, and stroke.

Researchers suggest this is due to the polyphenols in coffee substances that can prevent inflammation. Inflammation is one of the risk factors of the disease of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and others. So, did you drink coffee today?
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