Known for its rich nutritional content and taste savory, mushroom has long been known as a healthy food.

Mushrooms can be processed into a variety of dishes

Here are some amazing facts on the mushrooms.

1 Mushroom is the only material that is included in the food sources of vitamin D, but not the food is added. Mushrooms contain ergosterol which turns into vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

2 Mushrooms is one of the few foods that contain ergothioneine, an antioxidant important immune-related.

3 In 2012, Americans consumed 4 pounds of mushrooms per capita.

4. mushroom farming industry is considered big. Approximately 4 million students in the United States have ever ordered a mushroom burger at lunch, which is mixed with ground beef and cook mushrooms.

5. Creativity for treating fungal chefs make food is included in the preferred dish in the restaurant.

6 The ancient Egyptians believed that the fungus is a perennial plant, based on hieroglyphs 4600 years ago.

Know what types of Mushroom:

1 white Buttons: Approximately 90% of all mushrooms consumed in the United States are of this type. They have a savory flavor that comes out when used as pasta, pizza, pan-fried and used as a topping for burgers or sandwiches and salads raw.

2 Crimini: Often known as baby bellas, brown little mushroom is a delicious taste especially when juxtaposed with the meat or stir ingredients, plus red wine.

3 Portabella: Still a family with crimini, these Mushroom are large, brown, and has a texture that contains. For the vegetarian mushroom is also used as a suitable substitute for meat.

4. Maitake: This mushroom shaped like a fan without a lid and is known as a rooster in the forest. Has a striking and luxurious aroma, natural flavors make this mushroom is suitable for all meals. Use of this fungus when you want a strong mushroom flavor, as used Mushroom cream soup or sauce.

5. Shiitake: Mushroom brown with closed umbrella shape, but the curvature of the stem should be discarded. Meat-like texture which makes it more suitable if used as a stir.

6. Enoki: This creamy Mushroom has a long shape, very thin, and the shape of small studs. Before serving, cut the roots at the bottom and separate trunk group. This fungus is very savory and delicious, suitable to be enjoyed in salads and on sandwiches

7 Oyster: Mushroom texture is smooth and has a variety of colors, can be colored gray, pale yellow and even blue. Sauteed with butter and onions to remove bad tastes and complement to pasta dishes.

8 Beech: Small-sized, white fungus or light brown is known for its savory taste with a soft and sweet taste like peanuts. Add in minutes terakhiir for soups, curries, sauces, and stir.

9 Wild Mushroom: This mushroom varieties include morels, truffles and chanterelles. The price is very expensive but worth the taste. Mold is a favorite of the best chefs in the world.
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