Cough medicine with a variety of types and brands sold in stalls flare up pharmacy. Many are using, but the efficacy of cough medicine to relieve coughs that interfere now questioned by the doctors.

Honey and Lemon Cough Banish More Effective Than Drugs

Doctors who are members of the National Health Service (NHS) in England to question the efficacy of these drugs. According to them, cough medicines are not proven scientifically to eliminate the cough although it can relieve some other accompanying conditions.

"Very little scientific evidence shows that cough medicine has efficacy as they advertised, though some of the material contained in it may be possible to relieve other accompanying symptoms such as nasal congestion and cough as well as fever," wrote the NHS is quoted from the official website, NHS Choices Thursday (10/16/2014).

According to the NHS, the best treatment is to treat cough with natural ingredients such as honey and lemon. In addition, cough due to a viral infection usually will not disappear as quickly as in the ad. The cough will disappear after the virus eventually eradicated by the immune system.

The opinion was also shared by Dr. Tim Ballard, Vice Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners, doctors associations in the UK. According to him, cough medicine has not proved successful and include rarely prescribed by physicians.

"Medical evidence Yag mentions cough medicine on the market powerful is weak. There is some evidence to suggest that these drugs may accelerate the loss of the disease, and doctors rarely prescribe these drugs," sambungya.

Cough medicine became one of the major commodities in the pharmaceutical industry around the world, including in the UK. On average, the small size of the cough medicines are sold for Rp 65 thousand to $ 80 thousand. As for the large size sold at prices above USD 100 thousand.

Continued Dr. Ballard that although many consider useful cough medicine products, it would be better if the patient contact the doctor if the cough remains came after more than three weeks. Moreover, if the cough has been bled, causing difficulty breathing and a headache.

"If the cough persists for more than three weeks, or if the cough has been bled, making it difficult to breathe, headache and high fever, secapatnya contact your doctor. It could be a cough is a symptom of a serious disease," he continued again.

Opinions doctors then reap the reaction of the Proprietary Association of Great Britain, consumer associations and the medical pharmaceutical industry. According to them, drugs are sold in the market has passed the test of Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

"Moreover it is a cough medicine can not cure a cough, is only useful to relieve or reduce the cough that comes up," they wrote in a press release.
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