After sitting all day in front of a computer , there's nothing more comforting in addition to stretch the back muscles are stiff to read " bridge " . Is it safe to do so ?
Technically actually stretch up to a sound is not dangerous . However , if it is done regularly , then it's another story .

" Mengkeretekkan muscles or joints align harmless , but do not do it as a habit , " said Dr. Christopher Anselmi , experts chiropractik , New York , USA .
Joints composed of ligaments , tendons , and soft tissue structures and the longer can wear . " If the joints are not in accordance with the position , it can cause premature damage , " he said .

Sounds " crick " that we hear when flexing muscles is sometimes scary that we think broken bones . Joints containing liquids and gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide . When the liquid is depressed and there is a push in the joints , the gas will come out and produce the sound " bridge " .

To relieve stiffness in the muscles , Anselmi advised to do light stretching . The easiest way is was in the shower when we stand up and stretch your back slowly . After 5 minutes , flex the spine forward and backward, and sideways .
" Stretching the back is stiff until it will not damage the bones and joints , but if you feel uncomfortable in the joints and always wanted to stretching , maybe there was a problem on the back , " he said .

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