Q-tips or cotton swabs is a common tool used to clean the ear , in addition to soap and water . But you should think twice before using it .
More recently , a study from Henry Ford Hospital found an association between the use of a cotton swab with damage to the inner ear . According to the study , the use of cotton swabs in the ear canal can cause hearing loss .

The reason , the swab may push the wax or wax to clog the ear canal . What's worse , the hearing may also be damaged due to the rupture of the eardrum .
Even so , such a device does not mean can not be used to clean the ear . " Use a cotton bud to gently in the outer ear without entering the ear canal , " wrote a cotton swab brand on their site .

Researchers also suggested such studies . According to them , they can use a cotton bud to clean the outer ear .
Meanwhile , researchers say , the actual wax is a natural lubricant that protects the inner ear from foreign elements . " So it should be, people do not need to be too concerned with the existence and cleaning entirely , " said Rachel Pritzker , skin specialist from Chicago, United States.

But if you want ear cleaner , studies suggested to use peroxide mix vinegar with cold or warm water as ear drops . The liquid will irrigate the ear canal . How to use it is to shed four to five drops in each ear .

Source: menshealth.com & kompas.com/

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