Everyone has felt the failure in the work . Feeling too much work , do not do a lot of things well , lost confidence , even thought to look for a new job .
But you know, every problem can be solved with one simple thing , like taking a break or a holiday to relax for a while ?

The problem is , not a few people who do not know when the right time for them to take a break . Here are five signs to recognize it .

1 . You should love your job , but now , you hate it .
Do you feel anxious when I have to wake up and get back to work every day ? Are earlier this is something that is fun for you ?
The majority of us do spend most of his time at work , so if you then feel unhappy , then do not hesitate to take a " pause " to overcome .

2 . Bosses often admonish you
Does your boss often admonish and advise to improve your work ? If yes , and you still do not show any significant improvement , it is time to assess whether you are really suited to work in that field .
Taking a break to rest and think is the right step , in addition to thinking about the decision to move on and find suitable employment .

3 . You feel has lost significant momentum
Are your loved ones , friends , or family members ever talk about your addiction to work ? Do you feel you have lost significant momentum because you are too busy working ?
Maybe this is a sign , it is time for you to go and take a pause to see if what you are doing is actually " worth " as you think .

4 . You 're having an event or a major change in life
Divorce , loss of loved ones , displacement , child birth , whatever disrupt your normal routine , offering an opportunity to reconsider how it should best utilize your time .

5 . Stressful and unhealthy
Are you experiencing insomnia , health problems , or even depression ? This is a clear sign for you to immediately take a " pause " . If that adversely affects your health , then it is time to overcome the problem early on , before getting serious .

Indeed , giving a chance to new things , like planning a big trip , change careers , or start a new project often makes you uncertain and difficult to be separated from the safety zone . However , you must remember , if life is short and briefly , why must fight for something that makes you unhappy , for the future that you think " it's safe " ?
Taking a break for the holidays and the rest allow you to live for today and make better choices . In addition , you also have space and time to consider all the alternatives properly and out of all the things that make you unhappy .

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