Nutrition is one of the important factors for a healthy body . But sometimes the nutritional requirements from food alone is not enough , so that some people even choose to take supplements .

However, research shows , is not always a good supplement to be consumed . Even many people who take supplements as a form of excessive actions they do not really need .

 " So that no one take the supplements , we need to know the signs of the body needs it . And there are certain times when the body most in need supplements , " said clinical nutrition specialist Nanny Djaja when contacted by Reuters Health on Saturday ( 01/02/2014 ) .

Nanny explained , the body needs supplements usually when the body is suffering from fatigue due to overwork and lack of rest . When the person's immune system is generally declining power so easily hurt , while the supplement will help the body to have more energy and strengthen the immune system .
Supplements are needed to meet the nutritional needs of people who are tired usually in the form of multivitamins and minerals . The reason these supplements can help restore the function of the body's cells to relieve fatigue .

Less attention on food diasup also known as a condition that causes a person need to take supplements . According to Nanny , it is closely related to the fulfillment of the nutrients that are not able to be satisfied from food alone .

There are also other circumstances that need to supplement the body's most current lack of appetite . " Nutrition needs of food , so if no appetite , how can enough nutrients ? That's why we need to supplement the current lack of appetite , " said a faculty member in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Atma Jaya .

Nanny said , lack of appetite usually experienced by elderly people because of taste disturbance . In addition they are also susceptible to depression because they feel alone and lonely thereby reducing appetite .

 Another condition is the condition of the body need to supplement recovery after illness . At present , the body is still in a state of fairly weak and need extra nutrients to make it recover. Unfortunately the condition after the illness is usually characterized by an appetite that has not recovered as well , so supplements may be an option .

 "The condition of pregnancy, lactation , infancy is also the moment that requires the most excellent nutrition supplements that may also be required , " he concluded .

 Source: health.kompas
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