WASHINGTON - In addition to taste , the researchers found that dark chocolate or dark chocolate can prevent heart disease in two ways .

Two benefits contained in dark chocolate improve flexibility it is hardened arteries , and prevents white blood attaches to the inside of the vessel wall .
Both conditions it can form plaque , which block the vessels and causes heart disease .

These findings tracked by experts from the Netherlands in a study of 44 middle-aged and overweight are given 70 grams of dark chocolate and milk per day during the two periods of four weeks each .

The content of the heart-healthy chocolate that is organic mix called flavanols , which are also found in vegetables , fruits and green tea .

Gerald Weissmann , editor of the FASEB Journal that published the study , said the researchers found there was something in flavanols from dark chocolate that makes people more liked than milk chocolate .

" In this controlled study , performed for the first time , they give the same amount of flavanols in dark chocolate and plain chocolate . And respondents did not eat the amount of flavanol diets differ in their eating . Yet they eat more dark chocolate because it is more like it , "
she said .

Researchers evaluated the respondents' tendency to prefer dark chocolate and asked them to rate the effect of chocolate on their senses of smell and tongue .

" So , the psychological component or dark chocolate flavor that fix , first of all , flexibility and response vessels to blood flow , and secondly , how neutrofils - or white - blood cells stick to blood vessels and the third , signs of inflammation , " he said .

And the knowledge that dark chocolate is good for the heart , so do not make respondents feel guilty for eating their favorite snacks .

In the future , researchers are likely to develop a therapy that has the same health benefits of dark chocolate .

sources : kompas.com & VOA Indonesian
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