Order " five seconds " to take food which had fallen on the floor may have often heard. Order " five seconds " is not taking food after falling more than five seconds. Most people are still unsure of the rules. But according to the researchers, these rules may be true .
Anthony Hilton , professor of microbiology at Aston University in England, said that the consumption of food that falls on the floor instrumental in the spread of the infection risk . This is because the floors are innumerable bacteria and appears every time . Nevertheless, the order of " five seconds " may not be wrong to apply.
" In fact , we found a low risk of transmission of microbes , both from the surface of the dirty floor , or carpet , to the food , " said Hilton .

In the new study , Hilton and his team analyzed how many microbes are moving to toast, pasta , cookies and candy that fell to the floor carpets , wooden floors and tiled floors . The researchers specifically looking at microbes , among others, E coli and Staphylococcus aureus , the food that falls on the period between 3 and 30 seconds .
The researchers conclude, the long fall and floor type to determine how many of the microbes that contaminate the food. The longer the food is on the floor , the more microbes that defile it. Meanwhile, for the type of flooring , the most " peaceful " transfer of microbes is carpeted .

"On the floor carpet , microbial transfer from the floor to the slow food takes five seconds or more , " said the researchers .
They also do a survey of a number of respondents about eating foods that had fallen on the floor. As a result , most people are not a problem to eat food that has fallen . However, most of them follow the rules " five seconds " is .


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