Content of tomato fruit has a number of beneficial vitamins for skin beauty. You can eat them in a raw state such as eating more fruit, or to process them into juice with mixed fruit and other vegetables. Here are some benefits of tomatoes are reported by Boldsky, especially for you.

5 Benefits of Tomatoes For Beauty

1. Summarizing the pores
Open pores can capture more dirt circulating freely in the air. This can lead to acne and dull skin. Before you decide to purchase high-priced beauty products to handle it, try to mix the tomatoes and lemon juice and apply on face and let it dry into a mask. Rinse with cold water.

2. Reduce the appearance of acne
You often feel irritated by small pimples that usually grows around the forehead ? Make the tomato juice to reduce it. Apply on face, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do this treatment every day, and the results will appear in just one week.

3. Reduce excess oil on the face
Excess oil on the face can make the appearance look tired. You must always provide a face paper in the bag to cope with a shiny face look like a frying pan. With regular treatments using tomato juice, excess oil on your face will be reduced because the content astringennya which makes the skin rough.

4. Heal sunburned skin discolorations
If on one day because your skin sunburned not forget to wear sun - block or sunscreen, do not rush to call a dermatologist for prescription drugs. Make the juice or tomato juice that is in your home. Tomatoes will be able to cool the skin and prevent skin irritation continued burning.

5. Fresh skin naturally
Combine tomatoes with extracts of sandalwood powder and rose water for face masks. This mask will make your skin appear healthy and shiny prevent wrinkles and dull skin that often arise due to fatigue.
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