Vitamin D is not only good for the heart and bones, but is also important for the health of organs and tissues in the body, especially for brain health. A recent study revealed that vitamin D deficiency can cause damage to the brain.

lack of vitamin D caused the brain damage!

Research conducted by the University of Kentucky showed that mice fed a low vitamin D on a regular basis will experience damage to oraknya. The mice experiments were also decreased cognitive abilities, memory, and ability to learn.

" Normally vitamin D deficiency in the elderly or in people aged middle. Vitamin D is important to prevent damage caused by free radicals in the brain, " said lead researcher Allan Butterfield, as reported by Science Daily ( 02 / 12 ).

Previously, other studies have also found that lack of vitamin D can lead to Alzheimer's disease and is linked to heart disease and some cancers. Butterfield recommends that seniors or adults determine the level of vitamin D in their bodies.

If vitamin D levels are low, they should start eating foods rich in vitamin D or vitamin D supplements Not only that, sunbathing for 10-15 minutes in the sun can also help increase the intake of vitamin D and maintain brain health.
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