Savory and sweet taste in biscuits can indeed provoke appetite . Kerenyahannya Plus , this one snack often appear in the list daily consumption .
Even so , a fondness for snack crackers seem to look out for . A study shows , it can cause dependence biscuit like a drug .

Biscuits More Addictive than Drugs.?

Researchers from Connecticut College this laboratory research in mice . Research shows , the mice who ate the biscuits turned out to form a strong relationship with the food . This relationship is the same as mice injected cocaine or morphine .

Dependence effect is more severe than the biscuits allegedly narcotics . According to researchers , eating biscuits activate more neurons in the brain's pleasure centers than narcotics .
" Our research supports the theory that foods high in fat or high sugar stimulates the brain in the same way , as well as narcotics . This also explains why people can not resist the food is bad despite knowing the consequences , " said neuroscience expert , Prof. Joseph Schroeder .
This study set out of curiosity about the contribution of foods high in sugar and fat in obesity , especially among the middle and lower economic community . This would endanger the health problems in the economic limitations experienced .
" Foods high in sugar and fat may be more harmful than cocaine and morphine . This is due to both these foods easily available at affordable prices , " said researcher Jamie Honohun .
In addition , Honohun stated , the research , the mice ate biscuits from the middle layer which is sweeter . The second plate is opened so that the biscuits easier rats consuming the layer.
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