Stress is not only bad for your health, but also your skin. Even skin will look dull and not fresh. For that, you need to reduce your stress levels commonly experienced in order to maintain healthy skin. Here are five ways to reduce the adverse effects of stress on the skin, as reported

5 Ways potent heal stressed skin

1. Adequate rest

Adequate sleep can help process improvement in your skin cells. Therefore, adults are advised to sleep an average of seven to eight hours every day. Lack of sleep can damage the health of your skin and make it look fresh.

2. Drink more fluids

Dehydration is one of the factors that cause skin stress. Stress can even cause skin peeling, redness, rashes and acne. For that, you are advised to increase water intake along with the consumption of fresh juices.

3. Treat the area under your eyes

Skin when you are stressed, your eyelids tend to swell, wrinkles and dark. You can fight eye bags or can be called panda eyes to compress the bottom of your eyes with natural ingredients, including cucumber and rose water. Put two slices of cold cucumber on your eyelids and leave it on for five minutes. Repeat this procedure three times until the eyes were cold. You can also compress the eye bags with bag of tea bags or cotton that has been soaked in rose water.

4. routine maintenance

Perform routine skin care such as using masks from natural ingredients and gently massage the face. Such simple treatment may detoxify the skin and reduce the level of stress on the skin.

5. Exercise, meditation or yoga

To create a hormonal balance in the body and fight the imbalances created by stress and fatigue on the body, you need to reconcile your mind. Stress is known to have a direct impact on your body's nervous system. Thus, exercise can help to stabilize the body and the mind directly affects the body.

Here's five ways to reduce stress levels in the skin. Good luck !
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