Our eyes are the windows to see the world. Not only that, the eye is also a reflection of a healthy body and our emotions. Therefore maintain eye health is an absolute must to be done.

5 easy steps to maintaining eyes healthy

Here are 5 easy steps to maintain eye health as reported from magforwomen.com

Do not scratch the eye
If you feel itching in the eyes, then do not scratch it. This is caused by scratching the eye will damage your retina.

Rest your eyes
If your job requires you to stare at a computer screen with a long time, then give your eyes time to rest, to reduce muscle tension. You can close your eyes for a few minutes with both hands because your hands temperatures help to relax the eye muscles are tense.

Eating fruit, fish, and dark colored vegetables
The food is good for your eyes as well as the health lutein will help slow macular degeneration in people aged over six decades.

Perform regular eye tests
Although your eyes are not impaired as minus or plus, but this test is useful as a preventive action on eye disorders.

Replace your lens regularly
For those of you who wear contact lenses, do not forget to always replace or remove your lenses once every 8 hours. And also do not forget to always keep your contact lenses sterility.

Eyes are one of the vital organs. Hence guard your health and hygiene in order to avoid eye infections both light and heavy.
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