Health is very important for our lives. When we are sick, we can not do activities that are important to us. Therefore we began to implement a healthy lifestyle to maintain health such as not smoking, exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and set aside enough time to rest.

5 Bad Habits That Can Interfere Health

But without us knowing sometimes we do these 5 habits that can damage the health of the body. Habits are a lot of us do in everyday life. Here are 5 habits that can harm our health as reported from

1. Skipping lunch

Activity which accumulates in the workplace often makes us skip lunch. Though this may be bad for our health. We do not get nutrition to undergo further action. Additionally hungry stomach will also cause friction in the stomach which can lead to infection and gastric ulcer.

2. lie

Whether it's for good or not, lie still, lie. A study showed that a lie can lower your mental health, Lying will make you stressed and anxious because you should always remember your lies.

3. less socially

Experts say that socializing will increase brain health, reduce feelings of depression, lowering stress levels, and also improve your overall health.

4. Often use ATMs

This may sound strange but the ATM into public facilities similar to the dirty public toilet. Keypad on the ATM machines keep the same bacteria with bacteria found in toilet. Make sure you wash your hands after using the ATM machine.

5. Rarely clean house

The house is dirty and cluttered directly bound to increase the level of stress you after a day of activities. Therefore set aside the time to do homework because these activities than can be useful for home hygiene can also prevent the production of the hormone cortisol, a hormone that increases your stress.

That 5 habits that without us knowing it can interfere with our health both physically and mentally. Avoid these 5 habits so that the quality of our health can be maintained properly.
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