What is one important thing that should never be overlooked when make-up ? Yes ! Powder . By using the powder , the skin can look more perfect . Selection of the powder can not be arbitrary , as an example for better acne skin using products made from minerals and solid , while for oily skin should use a powder with oil control , or to skin that is not much troubled enough to use loose powder . Selection of appropriate facial condition also can support your appearance . Well how about its application ? Sometimes we often make the mistake of using talc so skin looks like chapped . Want to know how to use the powder completely ? Here are tips from SehatCantik . Listen with yah !

1 . Clean the optimal face : Use cleansing milk to the entire face and neck and then wipe with a damp washcloth . Then wash your face with facial soap . After that , to sum up the pores , use a toner that suits your skin . Step is to prepare a smooth facial area and will facilitate further application of the product .

2 . Use Moisturizer : After clean skin , use a moisturizer that suits your skin type . Let stand for five minutes to let moisture seep into the pores . This step is also to limit the product directly touching the skin .

3 . Use Sunblock : After using the moisturizer , to ensure total protection to your skin from the dangers of the sun , use a sunscreen with SPF 17 is suitable for tropical skin .

4 . Use Foundation / Foundation : For perfect results , use foundation . For ladies with oily skin types , sprinkle a little talcum powder before use foundation . In order to obtain uniform results , use a sponge in the application of foundation . Do not forget to use foundation in the neck , near the ear , and under the chin so that the skin does not appear striped .

5 . For those of you who were greasy , pat skin with a tissue . In addition , use a foundation with your thin -skinned for oil . Therefore , the use of thick foundation that will actually accentuate large pores .

6 . Wear Powder : After foundation stick in the face a few minutes , start to apply powder to the face . For you who have problems with acne or other skin problems , apply powder by gently patting then sweeping sponge so that the powder evenly . This can avoid the prominence of acne after pengamplikasian powder . For optimal results in cover / disguise the deficiencies in the skin , also use compact powder ( compact powder ) . Apply compact powder puff evenly using a dry / wet by pressing on the skin of the face and neck .

7 . For ladies who do not have a problem with acne etc. . Use the brush when applying powder to get the impression that healthy and natural skin .

Well what about the ladies ? regular application of powder of course we do every day , but of course still need a trick that results in the maximum can not you ! Good luck !
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