The researchers of medical science states that Korean red ginseng is known as the " root magic " has many health benefits for the body to treat diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes .

Korean Red Ginseng

Alzheimer's disease or dementia is similar decline in brain function is complex and progressive .

Alzheimer's disease rather than infectious diseases , said Prof. Si - Kwan Kim , Dean of the College and Health Science at Konkuk University Korea Seminar " Root Korean Ginseng Miracle " , which was held Korea Agro - Fisheries and Food Trade Corp. and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea , in Jakarta , Saturday.

Korean Ginseng has been known for centuries as root can help relieve a variety of diseases , from cancer to diabetes to Alzheimer's disease , he said .

Patients with Alzheimer's disease or dementia experience a state of severe memory loss , so people eventually no longer able to look after himself .

Alzheimer classified as one type of dementia characterized by the weakening of the conversation , healthy thinking skills , memory , ability to take into consideration , any changes in personality and uncontrollable behavior .

Research has proved that Korean red ginseng contains more Ginsenosides ( the main active substance ) compared to ginseng originating from America or China , said Prof. Dr. Kim Si - Kwan .

"The level of ginsenosides in ginseng Korean higher at U.S. 24 ginsenosides than ginseng , which is 14 ginsenosides and ginseng ginsenosides China by 14 , " he said .

" Ginseng , which in Korea are named Korean Red Ginseng can help the brain to produce more endorphins , which can help balance hormones, physical and emotional stressors , resulting gland , he said .

Meanwhile Prof Lee Young - Joo of the Korea University Sejong adding consume red ginseng can improve brain performance and reduce fatigue .

In addition , regular consumption of red ginseng improves erectile dysfunction and increase testosterone levels and sperm production , reduces mental stress and anxiety , stimulate the immune system and the nervous system , preventing the growth of some types of cancer cells , lower cholesterol levels and reduce fatigue .

He said , ginseng is not yet widely known in Indonesia.

Ginseng root is an herb that has been used for centuries as an energy tonic can grow at a temperature of 25 degrees celsius and cultured for 180 days longer than the cultivation is done in other ginseng -producing countries such as China are only 120 days.
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