would color our skin is likely to change due to exposure to sun can get back to normal ?

^ ^ .. Of course you can not . Our day-to - day routine of course, never escaped from sunlight . taking a child from school , go active and working , hanging clothes , beach holidays to adventure in the wild for example . Therefore, sunburned skin (sunburn ) to be a common problem that we often encounter.

If the ladies are experiencing sunburn , and want to restore the color of your skin does not have to worry about sunburn . You can try to cope with

1 . Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera or more would be known as Aloe vera is one plant species that can soothe the human skin tissue . In fact some studies have shown that this plant the most effective and powerful cool sunburned skin .

For those who like natural treatments , you can directly cool the aloe vera in the refrigerator . Once cool, cut into sections and apply gelnya your sunburned skin . A more practical way , you can choose the lotion or gel that contains aloe vera cooling of beauty products on the market . Make sure the product is safe for your skin and does not cause allergies .

2 . Compress using cucumbers , potatoes or tomatoes

In addition to aloe vera , there are some natural ingredients that are believed to help cool the burned skin , such as cucumbers , potatoes or tomatoes . Slice cucumbers or tomatoes that have been especially dululu in chill in the fridge and put it on the burned skin . For potatoes , you can use a blender grind the then newly applied . Do it for 20 to 30 minutes later rinse with water .

3 . Spread with honey

You can also apply a natural honey ( without coloring , extra aroma and flavor ) , inflammation of the skin caused by sunburn . One sign that the skin is inflamed skin becomes red like boiled crab accompanied by pain . It was to show up inflamed skin cells . This is where it takes honey because honey suppress inflammation of the skin .

4 . Compressed with milk or yoghurt

Dermatology experts stated that the fat contained in milk can soften human skin has been dry due to sun burn . How to treat them , you can soak the cloth or towel in the liquid milk which has been cooled in the fridge . Then compressed in the troubled areas of the skin . Do it for 20 minutes and if the problem is severe enough you can repeat it every 2 hours .

In addition to milk , you can also apply natural yoghurt ( which is original ) that has been cooled in area burned skin . Wait for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water . In addition to helping recovery burned skin , milk and yogurt handy to brighten skin ..

5 . vitamin

In addition to the ways recovery sunburned skin from the outside , it helps restore skin tone tips from sunburn is equipped with safety measures in through the intake of antioxidants . Once the skin is directly exposed to UV rays , dermatology experts recommend that we eat some suplemenberikut this regularly every day for several days : 1000 mg vitamin C , 15 mg of beta carotene supplements , vitamin E supplements , coupled with the consumption of flaxseed oil ( flaxseed oil ) as much as 2 tablespoons .

Natural antioxidants and vitamins contained in the above materials will accelerate our bodies produce antioxidants . Who will fight free radicals that exist in the ultraviolet . You are advised to consume too many green vegetables , carrots , almonds , and avocados .

6 . White water

Lastly and most easily done is to never forget to drink water . Research logically explained that one of the effects of sunburn is dehydration . While water is a necessary component to moisturize skin cells so that the pri - pores can be closed again . So , once again , do not forget to drink water yes .


Hopefully useful Ladies ^ ^
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