Usually trigger a dry throat cough. If left unchecked, can lead to irritation and difficulty breathing. So when you are also experiencing dry throat conditions, try to correct the natural way, as reported by Mag for Women following.

Healthy Drinks To Soothe Dry Throat
Green Tea
Green tea is a beverage appropriate for the dry throat without any side effects. Add a little honey to enrich the flavor and nutritional drinks.

Ice Cream
To refresh your throat dry conditions, enjoy cold ice cream can also be done. But do not overdo it if you do not want to get the flu.

Dry throat could be a symptom of dehydration is not realized. So try to consume lots of water in order to overcome the conditions experienced dry throat.

Lemon honey
Squeeze the lemon and mix the liquid with a glass of warm water with honey. The mixture is a natural therapy to cope with a dry throat.

So that the throat condition is not getting worse, you should silence for a few moments. Avoid the habit of shouting because it can also aggravate the condition of the throat.
Candy, with any sense, can be enjoyed to keep the throat moist. In addition, candy making more saliva production and overcome the dry throat.

That's the natural way to address a variety of dry throat. This condition is usually caused by not drinking or pollution.
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