Many factors affect your child's level of intelligence , such as nutritional factors . But there are still many other things that it can improve the intelligence of a child's brain . What are they? Here are 10 things that can improve the intelligence of a child's brain so as to make them more intelligent , such as :

1 . Playing Brain Games
It has been proven to improve your child's right brain . Chess , crossword puzzles , or guessing game can train your child's brain . Games such as Sudoku can be an exciting game as well as train strategic thinking , problem solving , and decision-making complex . Keep this brain teaser continues around the house and invite your child to help you in solving complex problems .

2 . learning Music
Listen to your child play music may not always be fun for you , but music lessons can be a fun way to hone your right brain . Based on a study by researchers from the University of Toronto , music lessons seems to be beneficial for the development of IQ and academic child . The study found that the study of music in childhood will affect the results ( values ​​) are better when in high school , and a high IQ as adults .

3 . ASI
Breast milk is a good food for a baby's brain . Research consistently has shown that breastfeeding has many benefits for a baby's growth . Breast milk can prevent dangerous infections and an important food source . Danish researchers have found that breast-feeding can make babies become healthy and smart . The study says that babies who were breastfed for nine months , is growing significantly and is more intelligent than those who breastfed only for a month or less .

4 . sport
The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois showed a strong association between fitness and academic achievement among elementary school children . To encourage children to exercise more self-confident , able to work in a team , and spirited leadership .

5 . Playing video games
Surprised ... ? Perhaps many of you who do not agree with these points , and it is true a lot of games in the video game that has negative effects on children , such as violence and other themed game , which has nothing to do with intelligence. But there are still a lot of video games are also games that are educational and can improve a child's brain development faster . A recent study conducted at the University of Rochester found that participants who play video games learn visual cues much faster than their counterparts . However , you as parents must be really strict to select the game what it is worth for your child .

6 . Nutrition is fulfilled
Get rid of unhealthy foods like junk food from the front of your child and replace it with foods that are high in nutrients . Nourished children are met can affect both mental and motor development , particularly early childhood , especially in the first 2 years of life . For example , children need iron for better brain development , so if the iron deficiency nerve impulses will move more slowly . Therefore, keep the nutritional needs of your child with healthy foods that boost your child's brain development for the better .

7 . Digging and Maintain Sense of Curiosity
Experts say that parents who encourage and maintain their children to explore new things , they will be taught a valuable lesson : that the search for knowledge is very important . Encourage your kids hobby for the positive , do not tire of answering the questions children are likely underestimated for you , and teach new skills on them . This can help your child's brain development toward a more intellectual .

8 . read
Reading is very good for brain development of children . Reading is a way to improve learning and cognitive development in children of all ages . Teach your children to read as early as possible and encourage them to always love reading.

9 . Strengthens Confidence
In adolescence , children can fall prey to negative thinking which can limit their potential . Child psychologists encourage parents to reinforce their children in a positive way with encouragement and confidence that optimistic . Participation in team sports and other social activities also help children build self-confidence .

10 . breakfast
Breakfast can improve memory , concentration and learning . Children who do not eat breakfast tend to be more easily tired , become more irritable , and react more quickly than those who start the day with breakfast . So do not let your child for breakfast , because breakfast can help your child stay focused and active during school hours .
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