Honey is a delicious dish that contains high nutrients. In addition to consumption, it turns out there are many uses of honey are rarely known. What is it ? Listen more, as reported by Mother Nature Network following.

10 little-known Benefits of Honey

brighten hair
Take one teaspoon of honey and mix into a quart of warm water . Flush on hair that has been washed with shampoo . No need to rinse your hair looks bright and shiny .

face wash
There is a more natural way than soap to cleanse the face , using honey . Use honey as a face wash and rinse thoroughly .

against parasites
Drink made from honey , vinegar , and water is the most potent drug to overcome stomach problems when traveling . Because the material is a mixture of all three parasites contrarian .

get rid of acne
Apply honey on the pimple and leave it on for half an hour . After that , rinse thoroughly . Repeat the same steps to get rid of acne naturally .

If there is usually a salt bath and shower oil that is used for bathing, dressing materials with honey and olive oil . Its function is to soften and make the skin more fresh aroma .

relieve anxiety
Either mixed in tea or drunk directly , honey is known to relieve anxiety potent . Honey can also be consumed after water mixed with ginger and lemon .

Lip balm
Got dry lips ? Try to mix honey , olive oil , and cocoa butter to create a powerful natural lip balm overcome dry lips .

fight insomnia
Difficulty sleeping can certainly worsen the health of the body . Insomnia but it can also be overcome by eating honey . Because of its honey can reduce stress and make the body become more relaxed .

Treat strep throat
In various clinical studies , honey has been shown to be effective in treating sore throat and cough . Honey can be consumed directly or mixed with lemon juice to get other healthy properties .

That honey , viscous fluid produced by bees and provides many health benefits for the body .
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