Most people chew food with a fast tempo. Though chewing food slowly is very useful and a positive impact on health. It is very good, especially for those of you who are running the diet program.

Benefits of chewing food slowly

There are several benefits that you can get if you chew your food slowly, such as:

1. Helps the digestive system performance
Eating slowly will give you a lot of time on your stomach to digest food. Digestion actually begins from the food into the mouth. The longer food is chewed in the mouth, the less time it takes to digest food in the stomach. Conversely, if the food is chewed in a short time, then the digestive system workload will be heavier in the stomach, which in turn leads to indigestion.

2. Lose weight
Many studies have shown that if you eat slowly would encourage a person to consume fewer calories. It is certainly beneficial in maintaining and even losing weight. Another reason is the brain it took at least 20 minutes to give us that information had full stomachs. So, if we eat too quickly, it is likely we will continue to eat past the point where we should stop. Instead, eat slowly giving us time to realize the stomach is full.

3. Reduce the craving for unhealthy foods
Most people do not want to experience food addiction, especially unhealthy foods like junk food. According to Dr. Lilian Cheung in America, eating slowly will help one to avoid the addiction to food. Eating slowly will also help us to enjoy healthier foods.

4. Reduce stress
Eat slowly and mindfully also contribute in helping people to relax their mind. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also reported that eating slowly would encourage people to enjoy the food and mental health help.

5. Avoid emotional eating
Eating slowly can be useful in separating the feeding activity of a person's emotional triggers. Emotional eating can be dangerous and cause weight gain unhealthy. Dr.. Lilian Cheung said that eating slowly helps us to always focus on every bite of food and help determine whether the food we eat due to factors need or just emotional factors alone.

6. Enjoy the taste of food
By eating slowly, the taste of food will also be more pronounced. By eating slowly sense of taste could be functioning better. More tongue can taste the food when food is chewed slowly.

7. Exercising the mind
Eating slowly can train your mind to be more focused. Because of the way the training to focus on food. Besides eating slowly also can affect lifestyle. Eat slowly train not rush in many ways, it is also believed to reduce stress.
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