Contact lens or contact lens has now become a mandatory thing for women to maximize performance. Now, the users of contact lenses is no longer a person who has a complaint as minus or plus or cylinders may be on eyes, but those who have normal eye was also used. A variety of colors, patterns and big size contact lens capable of juggling appearances at women. However, there are some things to consider when using a contact lens. Let's check it out!

1. As much as possible avoid using eye make-up is too heavy because it can potentially tarnish softlens You. It is better if you buy the eyeliner that 'friendly contact lens'.

2. Remove the contact lens before bed. Do not let it forgotten because of contact lens on the market which is not a contact lens can be worn during sleep.

3. Avoid the use of contact lenses or contact lens in a smoky environment, a lot of steam or a lot of dust because it can cause eye irritation and damage to the soft lens

4. Remove the contact lens when you swim. The water contained in the pool can damage the soft lens and also harm the eyes while still using a contact lens.

5. While on vacation or traveling, do not forget to bring liquids or multipurpose contact lens solution and contact lens casemu.

6. Make sure that you have at least a minimum of a pair of contact lenses or contact lens or backup. It is necessary to avoid damage to the contact lens before its useful life.

7. Get used to separately provide more in contact lens care. One of them is by giving the contact lens cleaning tablets that have a lifetime of more than 3 months. Tablets that serves to eliminate proteins that stick to the contact lens so that contact lens becomes more sterile and convenient to use. These tablets are sold in a variety of optics. Ask the clerk detailed how to use optics.

By doing these 7 steps, you can use contact lenses safely and comfortably. If there are complaints on the eyes when using contact lenses, are encouraged separately contacted immediately and consult your eye doctor. Hopefully this article can be beneficial for eye health and beauty.
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