After a workout, especially after so long vacuum, we often feel stiff and sore in some parts of the body. The condition is actually normal. This occurs because muscle tissue is stretched beyond normal.

Soreness after exercise, watermelon can suppress
But the feeling of pain is often felt uncomfortable so we had to make efforts to promptly eliminate, such as massage or gentle exercise. More recently, a study found an effective way to help reduce the soreness that is by drinking watermelon juice.

The study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry involves seven male participants. They were asked to cycling routine in three different days.

In two days, the participants were asked to drink watermelon juice an hour before exercising. While in the third day, they were only given a placebo drink pink as watermelon juice.

Twenty-four hours after a workout at the third day, many participants reported experiencing soreness. Whereas in the previous two days, when they drink watermelon juice, they pleaded not too sore after exercise.

Aguayo Encarna study author, professor of food technology at the Technical University of Cartagena, say, watermelon juice can reduce stiffness because they contain an amino acid called L-sitrulin.

"These compounds improve blood flow, so drink it before a workout can help your muscles get more oxygen," he explained.
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