Many people who are running the program body building at the gym / shower to be more muscular, six-pack, and so on, but they stopped suddenly and got frustrated in the middle of the road due to not getting maximum results. This is because of several factors that led to the failure of the business. According to Dr. John Berardi, a doctor who is an expert in the fitness field, there are some common mistakes in your muscle growth.

Some Reasons Your Body Not Visit Muscular :

1. Eating less

If your body is not muscular as you want, it could be you are not eating enough. On thin people, faster metabolism than people in general. To cope with the rapid metabolism that occurs, you are advised to eat more than usual. However, food intake should also be appropriate and not arbitrary. Make sure you select the foods are foods that contain high-quality protein, fiber, and good fats.

2. Not consistent with the exercise program

One fault why your body can not go due to the inconsistency of muscular you to run training program. Most people do not get the most because they are less patient and less focus on training run. You must be consistent with your exercise program for at least 2 months. Choose an exercise program with some variations of movement. Balance also with weight lifting. During the week running exercise program, be sure to always try harder and do better. For example, add the load on your weight lifting little by little, doing repetitions and shorten your rest intervals during exercise.

3. Collect too much information
Do you often read a collection of articles on exercise and nutrition every day, but you yourself forget to exercise or go to the gym or fitness places? Experts refer to this condition as "Analysis Paralysis". You are so used to read a fitness article, but you yourself forgetting to do what these articles suggest. Start by going to the gym to undergo muscle building workout program. Avoid yourself the time of reading magazines, books, online articles about fitness for 7 full days. After that, in the future take time once a week to read a fitness article. That way, most of the time you will not be spent on reading, but exercising.

4. Do not measure progress

The failure of a person to obtain maximum results in your muscle growth is because it does not measure change and progress (progress) that occurs during exercise. Those who succeed get a muscular body are those who are diligent in measuring change and progress that happened, even they also measure detailed things ranging from the size of the load on the heavy lifting up to the amount of food they consume. Are you able to add 1/2 inch of muscle on your chest? You never know if you do not measure it.

The more you measure, the more changes and you will see progress. Routine measure changes and progress that you can naturally make you always pay attention to what is missing and what should be done to get the maximum results. You are advised to note the minimum Whatever changes or progress during the training process, ranging from weight lifting load changes, changes in muscle, weight, and so on.

5. Not having a coach

A coach is like a teacher who has the capacity to teach a lesson to his students. Without a coach, you will not know how to build muscle, forming a six-pack stomach that correctly. Instead of successfully obtain the coveted body shape, that is you even frustrating, inconsistent, and finally gave up in the middle of the road. Therefore look for a coach or a friend who is an expert in this field to help you get the body you want. They will provide advice and training programs are effective and tested so that the result is far more effective if you learn yourself.
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