Body parts should get special attention and care from us these women are breast, very worthy do well to be as early as possible to know what and how to do the 'milk bag' is. Ladies surely have read the previous article about it, "Observe early as possible, Avoid Breast Problems", "Variety Chat About Breasts" and "Find Out About Breast Myth". And of course, already familiar nowadays to hear and talk about cancer, particularly breast cancer.

By most people, even many who have tried to provide information or tips can be prevented before they occur very adverse conditions particularly for women. It is stimulated because more and more young women with breast cancer, for it immediately consult you before it's too late. Do not rush feel immune from breast cancer while still a relatively young age and the absence of a family history of cancer, because the name of breast cancer can be experienced by anyone. According to recent research from RS Illinois, USA, 10% of breast cancer patients in the U.S. are under the age of 35 years. Well if so how old a person, still careful, do not be complacent ...
So who's at high risk for breast cancer?

Although the exact cause of breast cancer is still not known for certain, but some women who have experienced a higher risk if:

1. Never had surgery of benign or malignant disorders of the breast
2. Not married
3. Their first period at age less than 10 years
4. One family member is suffering from cancer
5. Never bear children
6. First child after age 35 years
7. Never breastfed
8. Experiencing menopause at the age of 50 years

About what symptoms to be on the waspadainya, try to start looking at some abnormalities in the breast that need attention are:

1. Lumps in the breast
2. Changes in shape and big breasts
3. Abnormal discharge from the nipple
4. Skin, the nipple and areola into curved or creased
5. Thickening of the skin
6. Withdrawal nipple (entry inward)

Then how does this detect breast cancer?? For it must not wait until the new severe breast health check action. Moreover, in the early stages of breast cancer usually does not exhibit any symptoms. Therefore do some routine checks such as the following:
1. Breast self-examination (AWARE) by conducting regular monthly menstrual period after completion. By performing regular checks could then be more sensitive to changes that occur in the breast

2. Examination by medical personnel, in order to determine whether a breast lump is malignant or benign tumors

3. Mammograms, do breast examination with x-rays and is usually performed on patients over the age of 30 years because the structure is not dense breast tissue

4. Ultrasound performed on women under the age of 30 years given the structure of the breast tissue is dense (dense breast) or in women with small breasts

If you know the symptoms, how to detect it so ya can reduce the risk of cancer? Actually, two-thirds of cancers could be prevented if a person adopting a healthy lifestyle. For that matter, the MD Anderson Cancer Center suggest some ways to prevent cancer in general:
1. Reduce cigarette because the average human lifespan will increase 15 years if not smoke

2. Regular exercise 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week

3. Eat more vegetables, fruits and grain

4. Start with a low-fat diet that is fat limit at most 30% of the total calories consumed per day

Good luck Ladies healthy life ...
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