Ice cream is one dessert that is a favorite. In the United States alone, each year spent about 20 billion U.S. dollars for a frozen dessert, including ice cream.

People on the ice cream craze supposedly started since the time of the Roman Emperor Nero. He ordered the slaves to take snow from the mountains and given extra honey so sweet.

Healthy Tips For Your Ice Cream Enthusiasts

Ice cream continues to improve with the addition of a variety of materials so that it becomes soft and delicious as it is now.

But high in calories in ice cream making many people limit even avoid ice cream because it did not want to gain weight.

Ingredients for ice cream are high in calories, especially eggs and cream. Lighter ice cream does contain fewer calories because it is generally made ​​from low-fat milk instead of cream, and a limited number of eggs.

Another way to reduce the calorie content is to make it your own so that the materials can be selected. But not everyone can make the ice cream. So you can do is choose a low-calorie ice cream.

To add to the "value" of this delicious dessert, quite a lot of ice cream manufacturers add it to probiotics, fiber and even antioxidants.

Another alternative for ice cream lovers who do not want fat is sorbet and Italian ice cream less calories. Calories in a half cup contains about 75-130 calories. It is also contained in fruits, dark chocolate, and without that fat-free dairy products.
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