Detoxification alias remove toxins from the body is still a trend, especially among women. Many methods, ranging from fasting, eating certain foods, until taking the drug.

10 Fruits and Vegetables to Remove Toxins from the Body

Unfortunately, most of the popular detox drugs are not always safe for the body. If you want to detoxify your body, there are simple and inexpensive steps that can be done. How, by eating healthy foods that contain lots of anti-oxidants. Include the following:

Avocados are full of antioxidants, including glutathione. This substance is able to cleanse the body by carrying out harmful toxins from the body. By reducing chemicals and toxins in your body, you will be healthier and feel better.

This small cherry-sized fruit is also known to prevent urinary tract infections is able to get rid of toxins in your body. Cranberry helps get rid of waste from the body and is antibacterial so it has the ability to remove toxins.

This food contains in it, which is important when talking about casting chemicals in the body. Sulfur can help rid ranging from pesticide residues to chemical drugs, which can be dangerous if they are trapped in the body.

Is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Lemon effectively protects the liver and rid the body of chemicals. Consuming lemon on a regular basis can improve health.

If you are the type of person who does not like broccoli, think rinses. Broccoli is full of antioxidants that can cleanse your body. Broccoli is also rich in enzymes that help your digestive system running efficiently. Raw broccoli is the best because it has high levels of nutrients in it.

Rich in sulfur, garlic is one of the materials commonly used to detoxify the body. Garlic also has antibiotic properties that can help heal the infection in your body. There are many benefits of eating garlic regularly, among others, to keep in shape.

This material can be incorporated into many different recipes or can also be eaten raw. Betaine and a bit full of pectin, which helps protect the liver and digestive system. Bit can cleanse the body so that you have less toxic buildup.

This fruit helps cleanse the digestive system and may prevent the development of kidney stones. Grapefruit is also low in natural sugar and calories, so it is good for the diet.

Sunflower seeds
Typically used for a snack, but did you know that sunflower seeds are the "cure" for the potent liver detoxification? Additionally, sunflower seeds are also able to get rid of harmful toxins which circulate in the body. Also, prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol that will lead to the emergence of various ganggaun on organ function.


In addition to a healthy digestive system and is beneficial in cleansing and detoxifying the body, snow peas also help lower cholesterol and blood sugar balance in your body. 

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