Various supplements for kids products now sold in the market. The products are generally in the form of a multivitamin that is claimed to have a variety of benefits, ranging from increasing the body's resistance to maximize brain growth.

Although efficacy was tempting, supplementation is not something that must be done if the intake of nutrients from the daily diet is quite balanced. Additional supplements only, provided if its main source of food is not sufficient.

"You better meet the nutritional needs of children through everyday foods such as vegetables and fruits, including the need for vitamins," said Dr. Emma Nurhema SpA, a pediatrician from Friendship Hospital for detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (05/06/2013).

Inevitably, the children were told to eat vegetables is usually difficult. Children tend to prefer food with tantalizing taste like fried chicken, fruit and vegetables than are noticeably bland for those who do not like.

In such circumstances, it is the duty of parents who had to persuade and convince the children that fruits and vegetables are important for health. Serve in innovative cuisine, though it is no less tasty and looks no less trendy than fried chicken for example.

Diberikah supplement products only when the nutrient intake of the child has not fulfilled the daily diet. Could be because it was hard to buy vegetables or fruit, or because of a particular problem that they can not absorb all the nutrients present in the daily diet.

"If parents feel from the child's daily diet unmet needs vitamins, vitamin supplements should indeed be given in order to be fulfilled. Provide only if it is necessary," advises Dr. Emma who also practiced in hospitals Mother Aliyah.

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