Beauty is a priority for women. Sometimes women do not even want to know how, which is important to look beautiful. Yet according to a new study, an unhealthy lifestyle is enough to make a woman look old, regardless of any kind of skin care that he uses.

Researchers also ensure that the skin damage caused by tanning (procedure discolor the skin), smoking and lack of fruit consumption plays an important role in accelerating the aging process of a woman.

The study involved 585 women in the UK, China and Spain was also shown that the factors that affect every woman's skin is the same, although researchers have considered other factors such as differences in skin type every woman.

This finding also suggests that the 'lifestyle choice' is responsible for 33 percent of a woman's physical appearance.

Studies conducted over the past eight years involving several women aged 45-75 years in Bedford (UK), 30-70 years in Madrid (Spain) and 25-70 years in Shanghai (China).

Participants were given a series of questions about their lifestyle, including whether they like tanning and whether they are smokers or not. The other question is about how often participants moisturize the skin, whether they like to eat fruits and vegetables, whether they are diligent brushing his teeth and whether participants use dentures or not.

They also took a digital picture of each participant to be assessed how old the participants' perception of others just by looking at his face and whether people look younger or older than their actual age.

From there Dr. Andrew Mayes, an expert on skin care company Simple who led the study, and his colleagues compared the estimated age of the participants with a healthy lifestyle participants unhealthy lifestyle. And surprisingly the researchers concluded that differences in both age at 10.4 years.

"The difference is so astounding year. We just saw some data from a group of surgeons in the U.S. and Canada which showed that the face lift and neck lift (including modification of the eyelid and forehead) can reduce the age of the average person's face up to 8.5 years, "said Dr. Mayes as reported by the Telegraph, Friday (06/07/2013).

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