Did you know ... common infections such as flu, inflammation of skin and eyes more prevalent during the rainy season? 

> Bacteria survive longer in humid conditions. There is more moisture in the air which allows the bacteria to multiply.
By understanding how germs spread during the rainy season you can help your family stay healthy. Here are some alasa why there is an increase in infection:
> Association of DIRTY WATER AND WATER like rain water or water from the gutter can be mixed with drinking water and bathing water. So you can be infected with more germs.
> Stagnant water AROUND IN RAINY SEASON WHEN WE QUICKLY becomes a breeding ground GERM. Puddle attract mosquitoes and flies that carry infections such as malaria and dengue fever.
> Splash LAND OF GERMS THAT BRING SUCH CAUSE IRRITATION SKIN INFECTION. Contaminated water from the soil in contact with the parts of our body.
DID YOU KNOW ... Using soap is the key reason that can prevent the dispersion of germs during the rainy season?

washing hands and bathing with soap and clean water is one of the best and easiest way to protect you and your family from skin and stomach cough, flu, eye infections, stomach and skin.
One always wear Soap products are proven to be 100% protect from germs rainy season. It means children can freely enjoy the rain without having to worry mother.
ABC prevention of infections during the rainy season: Always wash with soap and water; caution against dirty water, mud and puddles; using clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.

Sources: lifebuoy.co.id

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