Sleep is an active process that covers one third of human life. Unfortunately, only a few studies have addressed the relationship of health to skin beauty sleep. In fact, we've long heard of beauty sleep. Yes, it means sleep can enhance a person's skin. See, when we lack sleep, your skin looks dull lusterless. This is caused by increased stress hormones to increase inflammation / inflammation of the skin that is certainly bad consequences on the quality of the skin.

Skin Health and Sleep Deprivation

Both were closely interconnected. Sleep disorders reduce the quality of the skin, even aggravate skin diseases, skin diseases while itself can disrupt the quality of sleep. Lack of sleep will aggravate the skin condition. Once we lack sleep, inflammatory cells in the body will increase. Mark, pimple popping, skin so sensitive, allergic skin reactions and irritation to the skin deteriorates even be worse. Getting less sleep, the more we need skin care products.

Lack of sleep will also undermine the structure of the skin's natural beauty. Inflammatory cells are increased levels will destroy hyaluronic acid and collagen. Both are the ingredients that make the skin supple and radiant.
Disturbances in sleep, will make the diseases associated with our immune systems become progressively worse. Skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema (eczema) will relapse when experiencing sleep deprivation. Eg psoriasis is not just a skin disease, it is also a sign of an increase in inflammation. Skin diseases that never healed, also could be a sign of sleep disorders that have not been detected.

Biological Clock Skin

Skin plays a role in controlling the temperature and discharge. It deals with the biological clock and core body temperature regulation (core body temperature).
Supra chiasmatic nucleus (SCN) is a central regulator of the biological clock rhythms. But there is also a regulator of the biological clock that is peripheral. Skin through its ability to maintain fluid balance and release heat, also helped set the biological clock.
Leather also has the ability to sense temperature differences around, so that he can give a signal to the brain to maintain the balance of the body's core temperature remains around 37 degrees Celsius.
Core body temperature will move higher during the day, while the nights will start to grow and reached its lowest point at bedtime. Hot body temperature slowly released through the skin.
Achieved the highest cortisol levels in the morning and continued to fall throughout the day. By evening levels will decrease and reached its lowest point when going to sleep. Cortisol has anti-inflammatory effects. Allegedly, this decline in cortisol levels contribute to increased itching at night in patients with skin diseases.


Hydration of the body is maintained during sleep. When sleeping, skin moisture is returned. If we lack of sleep, of course skin become more dry and dull. Wrinkles will also be evident when we lack sleep.
Reached the stage of sleep, the body secretes growth hormone (growth hormone). This hormone in children is important to the growth process. Whereas in adults, these hormones act to trigger repair damaged cells. If we lack sleep, skin cells are damaged will die, without any replacement cells are new. Finally the process of aging will come early.
The process was also instrumental in keeping the slimness of the body. Did you know that lack of sleep will increase your appetite and interfere with metabolic processes until it difficult to lose weight? Yes, when lack of sleep occurs hormonal imbalance that caused unstoppable appetite. As a result, we will be more snacking and choosing high-calorie foods.

To maintain the beauty of the skin look healthy sleep following a few tips:
- Keep a regular sleep schedule and pretty. This will facilitate the process of sleep in general. Get used to make the ritual preparation of a pleasant sleep. Prepare to dim the lights, play soft music, then do skin care. Relaxed conditions will facilitate and maintain the quality of sleep.
- Drink plenty of fluids during activity during the day to maintain fluid balance. Meanwhile, the limit bedtime drink because drinking too much can interfere with sleep because of the need to pee.
- Sleep in a dark atmosphere. Thus melatonin (sleep hormone) will be produced optimal.
- Use a soft and comfortable bed linen. Replace regularly to keep it clean and keep it free from dust mites or that can provoke allergy.
- Supine sleeping position reduces the risk of the occurrence of wrinkles on the face.

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