When buying shoes, you should not be lulled by low prices or models that interest you. Not necessarily a trendy shoe models can provide the comfort and function according to your needs. Unfortunately, most people still pay attention to when choosing a shoe model alone, only then comfort, and foot size.

"You have to look at the need and the type of foot that is really comfortable to wear," said Arie Wijaya, Indonesia Nike Product Specialist, at the launch of Nike Free "Free Your Run" in Pulau Macan, Thousand Islands, North Jakarta, Wednesday (10/4 / 2013) then.

1. Needs
Do not be easily tempted by the variety of shoes on offer. Your needs will determine what the model and the type of shoes are suitable for use. For example, when it comes to exercise, you can not use a flat loafers or shoes ordinary.
"Loafers or flat shoes are usually made of elastic materials, especially on the front. Rigid materials make these shoes hard driven, and lead foot so lazy to move," he explained.

In addition, when I want to relax you also can not choose high heels. These shoes will make your leg muscles and tensed interested. Consequently feet so sore and tired easily.

2. Type your feet
Broadly speaking, humans have three types of feet, which is normal, flat arc and high arc. This foot type can be seen through the footprints. At the foot of the normal form, there is a clear distinction between the concave and flat sections on the palm. With normal foot size, this basin would look not too deep and in accordance with the length and width of the foot.
"The owner is suitable for normal foot wear any kind of shoes," he said.

For high arc foot type, foot basin looks very deep. This basin is the lead spacing on the right foot this basin will be very small. Arie added, as this type of foot can be caused by the use of high heels too often. High heels will support the heel of the foot to be higher. As a result, all the weight will be concentrated on the front of the foot (ball of the foot).
"You who have this type of high-risk foot injury and sprains," said Arie. This can be overcome by using a type of shoe that has a midsole (soft sole lining on the inside of shoes) with a fairly high side pads. The side bearings serve to fill the hollows legs so that the soles of his feet to be more even and balanced so it is not easy sprain.

Arc flat foot type, foot shape is characterized by a flat and full in his footsteps. This form of the foot soles of the feet as easier to feel tired because you concentrate all your weight on the foot, and the pressure to be too big foot welcome.
To fix this, you can choose a shoe that has a high flexibility and easy. Shoes with a soft lining in all of its parts will help you to feel more relaxed, thereby reducing pressure on the foot.

Sources: health.kompas.com
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