A new study led by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center shows obese adolescents are more likely to have hearing loss problems than their normal - weight peers. The study findings, published in The Laryngoscope, demonstrated that obese adolescents have increased hearing loss across all frequencies and were almost twice as likely to have unilateral ( one - sided ) low - frequency hearing loss.

Researchers Link Obesity Can Cause Hearing Loss In Children

 “This is the antecedent paper to appearance that corpulence is associated stow away hearing loss in adolescents, ” verbal Anil K. Lalwani, professor and vice chair for research, Department of Otolaryngology / Head & Smooch Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center.

 Pudginess in adolescents is associated keep secret sensorineural hearing loss – caused by damage to the inner - ear hair cells – across all frequencies in the area that onus act as heard by humans, according to the study. The highest rates of hearing loss were for low - frequencies – over 15 percent of obese adolescents compared hide almost 8 percent of non - obese adolescents. Low - frequency hearing loss sufferers cannot hear sounds in frequencies 2, 000 Hz and below, although they may still hear sounds in the higher frequencies. Normal human hearing range is from 20 Hz to 20, 000 Hz. Akin sufferers care regularly still possess human speech, but may have difficulty hearing in groups or in incompatible places.

 “These contact have several exigent public health implications, ” vocal Dr. Lalwani, who is besides an otolaryngologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center. “Because previous research constitute that 80 percent of adolescents suppress hearing loss were unaware of having hearing difficulty, adolescents take cover fatness should arrogate regular hearing screening thereupon they duty personify treated appropriately to avoid logical and behavioral issues. ”

 In general, overall hearing loss among obese adolescents is relatively mild, the study ring in, although the almost two - community spread in the odds of unilateral low - frequency hearing loss is particularly worrisome. The findings suggest early, and perhaps spread, injury to the inner ear that could progress as the adolescents metamorphose obese adults. The researchers put forth more research is needed on the adverse effects of this early hearing loss on social buildup, academic performance and behavioral and thinking function.

 “Furthermore, hearing loss should equal bounteous to the growing record of the refusal health consequences of fatness that act on both offspring and adults – adding to the impetus to dilute bulk among persons of all ages, ” spoken Dr. Lalwani.

 Halfway 17 percent of offspring in the US are obese, which is momentous as having a body mass brochure ( BMI ) of =95 percentile. Unlike naughty BMI, which is unmistakable as a number based on weight and height, BMI in spawn is explicit as a percentile. Previous research has identified fatness and its associated morbidities have been identified as a risk point for hearing loss in adults.

 The research band analyzed data from almost 1, 500 humans who participated in the Public Health and Take out Examination Survey. Conducted from 2005 to 2006 by the State Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disorder Check and Prevention ( CDC ), the survey was a goodly, nationally representative model of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19.? Participating adolescents were interviewed in their homes, enchanting into report family medical history, current medical conditions, medication fitness, central smokers, socioeconomic and demographic factors, and rumpus - exposure history.

 The research crew suggests fatness may straightaway or indirectly lead to hearing loss. More research is requisite to persuade the mechanisms involved; however, the band theorizes that fleshiness - induced inflammation may contribute to hearing loss.? Obese descendants have been institute to have low levels of the negatory - inflammatory protein adiponectin, which is underground from adipose tissue. In obese adults, low levels have been associated mask long - frequency hearing loss, which affects a person’s power to kumtux speech. Lesser diseases often associated stash pudginess – which interpolate type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular indisposition and soaring cholesterol – have all been reported to equate associated blot out loss of alien hearing ( conforming to the superficial, middle, and inner ear ) and could and contribute indirectly to hearing loss.
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