Excessive oil on the face is disturbing. In addition to the face so it looks shiny, fresh and not too dirty. If you have conditions like this face, wash your face often will not solve the problem.

"Oily skin if washed more frequently eat so getting oily. Increasingly irritated skin, the more oil production," said skin and venereal specialist, Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK.

It was mentioned by him in the media gathering Pond's Men at The Foundry No. 8, Region Integrated Commerce (SCBD) Lot 8, Jalan Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta Selatan, and was written on Wednesday (06/12/2013).

How many times should a person wash your face? "There is no default rule, the same as when shampooing should be how many times a week. Adjusted alone with his activities. If the activity is not too much and not a lot of contact with dust, twice is enough," said the man who was taking a doctoral program at the University of Melbourne's .

When using a face wash products should be adjusted properly with skin type. If your skin feels dry and tight after washing your face with soap particular, it means do not match.

"If it does not fit make oily skin," said Dr. Eddy.

If you want to use a moisturizer also must not use. Because there was a wide range of moisturizers. For example there is a moisturizer that attracts water. This moisturizer is suitable for use in areas such as Jakarta.

"If it is used as a moisturizer to the area that has 4 seasons do not match, can actually draw water from the bottom of our skin," said Dr. Eddy.

In addition to oil and acne, dark spots also a problem that is often complained. Women are generally more likely to have black spots than men. This is due to the buildup of pigment may occur in any layer, whereas the men did not like it.

"In general, men of dark spots due acne scars. Handling case by case," said Dr. Eddy.

Sources: health.detik.com
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