For many women, high heeled shoes high heels alias is required to support the appearance of goods. In fact, this kind of shoes directly causing pain after an hour of use.

In the meantime if you wear high heels for dancing, the pain immediately after the 10 minutes of usage.

This was stated by a third of respondents in the UK. They were forced to admit in pain all night while using shoes to dance so when I got home they choose barefoot.

The survey was conducted by The College of Podiatry of 2,000 men and women, as well as 60 foot health experts (podiatrists) and therapists feet.

Podiatrists consultant Mike O'Neil of College of Podiatry legs bent warning of the dangers resulting from the use narrow shoes can cause long-term damage, including arthritis, bone fracture, and nerve kejepit, requiring surgery or steroid injections to relieve pain.

"Not denying the use of high heels make women potentially long-term injury in the name of fashion. If given the choice would be a stylish shoes or comfortable shoes, most would choose the first one," said O'Neil.

The higher and slanted heel shoes, getting pushed to the front of our body so we have to step back to balance. "This makes crooked pelvis resulting in pressure on the spinal cord," he said.

High heel shoes with a narrow tip to push the foot so that toes are compressed and can lead to ingrown nails, eyelets, or calluses. The condition can also cause the feet moist, especially if high heels are worn all day, so mold and bacteria to flourish.

"Shoes that make us walk with the palm side down can cause pain and excessive pressure. This could also lead to a tear in the joints causing arthritis," he said.

High heel shoes with more than 5 centimeters should be wary of. If you want to look taller, thicker soles are advised to use the stack, such as shoe wedges.

Although most of the complaining about the pain of high heels, but 20 percent of respondents said did not want to go to the doctor because of the pain they do not consider important.

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