Junk food is a term for foods that are not healthy or have little nutritional content. Although it can be addictive, but eat them in excess can be bad for your health. How do I reduce the desire to eat junk food?

Some studies say that the desire to eat certain foods occurs when the body lacks nutrients. Here are some simple tips that can help overcome the urge to eat junk food, as reported by the Times of India, on Wednesday (06/12/2013):

1. Drink plenty of water

When you feel hungry, have to distinguish if you really want to eat or just want a drink? There are times when the body feels 'need' a drink, not food. Experts agree that consuming enough water before meals is a good move. This step is done to your body adequately hydrated. Therefore, make sure you drink water throughout the day.

2. Divert your attention

Do you eat a bag of potato chips just because he was bored? If yes, then you must do something else to distract. Try to listen to music, read a book, call a friend, or your favorite television show.

3. Give the hunger levels

When you are going to eat, ask yourself how hungry you really are. Does not matter if you replace the burger menu with another menu? If yes, then you will be able to assess how hungry you are at the time and choose what food you will eat.

In addition, it helps to eat slowly, because it takes time for the body to feel full. Eating slowly also gives the body a chance to properly assess whether the food eaten is enough or not.

4. Keep 'temptation' around

Buy food supplies can sometimes be dangerous, because usually you'll be tempted to buy unhealthy foods or outside of the shopping list. Should go shopping in a state of satiety and focus on foods that you really need.

Moreover, while in the supermarket aisle should avoid going to the snack section. Do not see it will make you desire to buy into decline. May seem difficult at first, but if passed will be a very good habit.

5. Keep a diary

Make a note of what you already eat and drink throughout the day. A week later, you will be able to evaluate what has been your consumption and try not to consume unhealthy foods back the week before you have eaten.

This habit will not only help identify your diet, but also help to control it.

6. Choose healthy snacks

Do you only eat 3 meals a day? If so, you should immediately look for a snack. Snack totally prohibited, as long as the chosen are healthy snacks like fruits. Eating healthy snacks between meals will make you feel full and avoid you from eating excessive portions in the future.

7. Do not miss breakfast

After not eating all night, the first food that you eat in the morning is something that is very important. Therefore, breakfast is a must. Breakfast with the right menu will keep you energized until lunch hour to the next.

8. Stay away from stress to avoid excessive desire

Do you overeat when you feel sad, stressed, or too happy? Often the desire to eat certain foods in touch with your emotions at that time. Even for some people, this may appear excessive desire while feeling anxious.

Carbohydrates are known to increase levels of the hormone serotonin, which gives a calming effect. The combination of fat and sugar also has a calming effect. So when you are stressed, the desire to eat chocolate usually will be greater than usual. By away, because it is better if you're stressed nerves calm and think whether you really need chocolate to remain calm.
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